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Have A Brand New Leggings- Flawless Naked Feeling Fleece Lined Tights


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There is no such thing as a lined pantyhose that does not show? DO!

You would like to wear skirts or dresses, but in autumn/winter it is just too cold? You don't like to wear thick tights because they are bulky and make your legs look thicker? In addition, the normal models can not be combined really elegant, wear out quickly and are therefore simply not your favorite on colder days?

The secret: works like a nylon pantyhose

Everyone knows the silky, smooth feeling of nylon tights on the skin. It's that invisible, yet palpable feeling of elegance and perfection. Tights brings exactly this feeling in a completely new product. It looks like a thin pantyhose, but in reality it is lined with a skin-colored inner fleece and thus keeps you 100% warm - THE PERFECT TIGHTS!

Transparent look that simply makes you look good

Thanks to an innovative knitting technique, the InvisiTights looks as if they were a conventional thin 20 DEN pantyhose. The inner fleece in skin color shimmers through the outer material, creating the appearance of fine transparency. A perfect interplay of elegance and warmth.

Additional side effect:

Your legs look slimmer and longer!

Shapes your figure - makes you slim

Your new favorite pantyhose naturally shapes beautiful legs, has a shaping effect on the abdomen and the modern panty look slightly lifts your buttocks, making them even rounder, sportier and plumper.

InvisiTights strumpfhose warm

Super wearing comfort: No cutting or constricting

Especially comfortable high waistflat seams, high quality stretchy elastic materials make your InvisiTights feel like a second skin and provide a lot of freedom of movement.

Side Fact: The toes are unreinforced, which helps you to get into your shoes easily. easily into your shoes and to wear tighter ones as well. No pressure, no sweating!

InvisiTights Thermostrumpfhose

Vegan Fleece: cuddly warm and comfortably soft

Vegan fleece on the inside of your InvisiTights keeps you warm even in really wintery temperatures, down to -15°C. Available in two different thicknesses, according to your needs. Ideal for fall, winter or spring.

Invisitights gefütterte Strumpfhose

NEW!! For curvy women in large sizes

Finally, tights that celebrate every curve! With our newly developed fit, we give curvy women in large sizes the feeling of freedom and elegance. The carefully placed one seam in the front ensures nothing pinches and you feel comfortable all day long.

InvisiTights_große größen warme strumpfhose


Count on it: sturdy, durable and breathable.

The soft fabric not only has a perfect moisture and temperature regulation, but is also robust. Also suitable for sensitive skin types! Easy to wash and maintain, super durable.

Invisitights Strumpfhose warm

Other women will envy you

Your Tights in stylish look fits to all your outfits and can be combined wonderfully by the classic colors.

combine them. Goes perfectly with dresses, skirts, boots, high heels or as pants with a sweater, as individual as you!

At Tights we have created something special for you. Our exclusive fit, tailor-made for PlusSize and long legs, is unique on the market and can only be found with us. Every day with InvisiTights is an invitation to celebrate yourself, "Stay warm. Stay fabulous." Let us pamper you and feel the difference. Because you deserve to look both comfortable and stunning. Welcome to the InvisiTights family!
Don't wait any longer and add your Tights to your cart now. It's time to be fabulous!

Our Tights consist exclusively of high quality materials and become Co2 neutral manufactured.
  • Material: nylon/fleece (Vegan)
  • Color: Black, Gray , Brown .
  • Weight: 80g, 200g(thickened), 300g(thickened)
  • Season: Spring, autumn, winter


The garment should be washed on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees and spun at low speed. Program: delicate wash, hand wash or wool.

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